After the play on Broadway with David Bowie and the beautiful David Lynch movie with Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt in the 80’s and the more recent Broadway and West End production with Bradely Cooper, the time has come for a musical theatre version about Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man. 
Courage and dignity go hand in hand in this moving story in which a man can raise himself from the gutter, can become a celebrity and is admired by people of all walks of life.
A story of how love which knows no boundaries or prejudice, will discover the man inside the “beast”. 

In England in the 1880’s freak shows are all the rage for the working classes. To earn a living people with physical abnormalities and rare conditions, so called “freaks, are on display to entertain the visitors to the funfairs.
One of the main attractions is The elephant Man (TEM). By coincidence Dr Frederick Treves, a doctor at the London Hospital, and Joseph’s paths cross. Treves is more than interested in TEM’s condition but sees him as a complete imbecile. Nonetheless, he decides to take him into his care.
To everybody’s surprise, Joseph proves to be intelligent and well spoken.
This endears him and people of all classes take him to their hearts, even members of the Royal Family.